The Test Track

Keighley Model Railway club invited the group to contibute a circuit of 2mm finescale track to their new multi-gauge test track that they are building in their clubrooms. This is now completed, and is one of the lagrest 2mm finescale test circuits in the country, with a loop on it to allow the passage of stock through points to be tested, as well as allowing two trains to be set up on the circuit.

More pictures of the test track and locos running on it will appear in due course, but for now here's a picture of the baseboards in the early days when the N Gauge, 3mm and EM Gauge circuits had already been laid.

This was the first section of track to be laid, between the N Gauge and 3mm circuits. This also shows how the track is laid on to the underlay and how it is laid across the baseboard joints using pairs of specially milled pieces of PCB.
Chris Arthur at work on soldering the inner rail to the 'herringbone' track which is laid first. 'Herringbone' track is where only one rail is soldered to it in the jig, allowing it to be laid in a curved formation, and once laid the inner rail is soldered to the PCB sleepers.
A later picture from when the circuit was largely complete and the first of the points for the loop had been laid. The points will be actuated by vintage H&M point motors, which are still superior in many ways to some more modern solenoid-type point motors.
A picture of the first loco to run on the test track - Bill Rankin's Southern Railway H Class 0-4-4T! Shortly after this was taken, this loco completed a full test circuit, and the points were made fully operational.



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