The Pennine Area Group are working on a project to complete a model of Lightcliffe Station, between Halifax and Bradford, which was started by Chris Arthur.

At present, the main station boards have been built and the tracklaying is currently being completed. Wiring is also near completion and the next phase will be to move from manual to electric point control.

Planning is under way for the next major construction phase which is to add fiddle yards to the layout behind the scenic section.

A view of the three boards built so far, containing Lightcliffe Station and the exchange sidings with Brookes Ltd. Chris Arthur is working on wiring at the Halifax end of the layout.

A close up of the pointwork in the goods yard. The trackwork in Lightcliffe is constructed using nickel silver rail soldered to copper-clad PCB sleepers as work on the layout was started prior to the advent of more modern 2mm track systems, and other trackwork, including the storage yards, will be built to this system for compatibility.
A view of the station area, including the recently installed coal drops. All points in this area are currently manually operated, these will be converted to electric operation.



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