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DCC Talk by Edward Sissling May 5th 2007

Photos by John Ireland.

Edward setting up his layout 'Niddbeck Bridge'

Edward showing the DCC setup on the underside of Niddbeck Bridge

Edward's DCC-fitted Hughes/Fowler Crab, together with some of the trackwork for the scenic side of Niddbeck Bridge

A DCC fitted Brush Type 2

Edward's DCC fitted BR Standard 4 Tank rolls onto one of the sector plates


Pictures from April 2007 Meeting

Photos by John Ireland.

Chris Arthur discussing 'Lightcliffe'

Sam Kennion's Motor Bogie

Sam Kennion's 2mm Narrow Gauge loco, based on a Marklin Chassis


Other Photos

Some photos from some of our meetings over the last few years....

Photos by John Ireland and Martin Elsworth

Serious talk between Bill, Mike and John!

The late Pete Wright running some of his locos and stock on Chris Arthur's test track

Chris and David talk wagons

Ed and Alan discuss a problem

Bill and Mike tackle a tricky problem

Chris Arthur's chassis for an Lancashire and Yorkshire 2-4-2 tank

Bill Rankin's motor bogie

One of Tony Heywood's 3F tanks, currently in progress

Another of Tony Heywood's 3Fs

The baseboard and track for John Ireland's layout 'Industrial Street'

Chris and Tony test a Jubilee chassis

2mm Scale Narrow Gauge wagons constructed by Sam Kennion from a N Brass Locomotives kit.

Unpainted scratchbuilt wagons by Steve Sykes

More wagons by Steve Sykes

Steve Sykes demonstrates his wagon-building techniques

2003 End of Year Dinner

Entries for the layout building competition that took place during 2002/2003. and various other models.

Photos by Martin Elsworth.

One of the late Pete Wright's LNER locos

"Sir Menadeuke" by Bill Rankin

A close up of the valve gear on "Sir Menadeuke"

Laurie Adams' shunting tractor prototype

Wagon turntable

Another view of the tractor and wagon turntable

First prototype tractor

The second tractor

Bottom view of the tractor

Tractor Mechanism

Tractor and Magnets

Nigel Lemons' J72, built using a Bob Jones Kit

Nigel's Sentinel

The chassis for the sentinel

Wagons by Steve Sykes, hauled by one of John Ireland's Locos

Laurie Adams judging the trackwork competition

A closer look

Matthew Herterick with his winning entry

2000 Wagon Building Competition

The winning models, all by Chris Arthur.

Photos by Martin Elsworth



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